1. General Information

YKS Bogazici LLC ("YKS Boğaziçi") is an intermediary platform that brings together students and coaches. This Cancellation and Refund Procedure ("Procedure") has been created to explain step by step under what conditions and how individuals using the website with the domain https://yksbogazici.com ("Users") can cancel and refund the products or services they have purchased. As an intermediary platform YKS Boğaziçi is not a party to the distance sales/service agreement concluded between tutors and students. However, YKS Boğaziçi has established mechanisms to protect the rights of Users regarding cancellation and refund conditions.

  • Right of Withdrawal

In accordance with Article 9 of the Regulation on Distance Contracts numbered 29188, Users have the right to withdraw from the contract without providing any reasons and without incurring any penalties within 14 (fourteen) days from the moment the contract is made. Users cannot exercise the right of withdrawal after the expiration of the 14 (fourteen) days period. Furthermore, Users do not have the right of withdrawal for services performed instantly in electronic form or non-material goods delivered instantly to the user, as stated in Article 15(1)(ğ) of the Regulation.

  • Product or Service-Specific Refund Process

YKS Boğaziçi's platform offers subscriptions that are divided into monthly and long-term (subscription until the exam) options. Monthly subscriptions are renewed every 28 days after the purchase and subsequent payments. For example, if someone makes a purchase on February 1, their second-month payment will be charged again on February 28 if not canceled. Users can terminate the monthly or subscription until the exam package at any time, in accordance with Article 22 of Regulation on Subscription Agreements numbered 29246.

When a User cancels its subscription after the 14 (fourteen) days withdrawal period, they are obligated to pay for the services provided to them up to that point. For example, if a person cancels their monthly subscription after receiving two weeks of service in the respective month, half of the monthly subscription fee will be refunded within 10 (ten) business days.

The subscription package until the exam is offered to users at a discounted rate. In the event of the cancellation of the subscription package until the exam, the services received by the User up to the cancellation moment are charged as if there were no discount, and the remaining amount is refunded. For example, if a user purchases a 4-month package until the exam for a discounted price of 4700 TL instead of the regular 5600 TL, and cancels the package after 2 months, they will be charged 2800 TL for the services provided, and the remaining 1900 TL will be refunded within 10 (ten) business days.

  • Using of Bank or Credit Card

Users should as a rule make payments using their own bank or credit cards. In cases where others' bank or credit cards are used without authorization and unlawfully, the membership of the respective User may be canceled, and YKS Boğaziçi, along with third parties who suffered damages, may hold the responsible party liable for compensation, including any damages.

  • Refund in Case the Coach Fails to Provide the Service or Provides a Defective Service

In cases where the student has paid the fee but cannot receive the service, YKS Boğaziçi will offer alternative tutors to the student. If the student does not accept the offered option, the paid fee will be refunded within 10 (ten) business days.

In cases where the student receives a defective service, YKS Boğaziçi may offer the option of replacement by suggesting alternative tutors. Additionally, in situations where YKS Boğaziçi determines that the service is defective, incomplete, or poorly performed, YKS Boğaziçi may refund a portion of the fee.

  • Force Majeure

In cases where unforeseeable circumstances (technical malfunctions on the platform, cyber-attacks, epidemic diseases, earthquakes, fires, floods, and other extraordinary events without limitation) prevent YKS Boğaziçi from facilitating the services, the User will grant YKS Boğaziçi a 30 (thirty) days period to remedy the situation. If the issue cannot be resolved, and the service cannot be provided, the fee will be refunded to the User.

  • Cancellation Channels and Dispute Resolution

For the cancellation and refund process, users can fill out the form with the subject "management of my membership" at https://yksbogazici.com/iletisim on our platform or submit cancellation requests through the support line at +90 551 966 46 15.

Users, if considered consumers within the scope of the Consumer Protection Law numbered 6502, can apply to the Consumer Arbitration Board or Consumer Courts if disputed amount is higher the threshold determined by the Ministry of Trade, regarding the cancellation and refund process. They also reserve the right to exercise any other legal rights available to them.